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head shots and family pics with lexiI am a native of Colorado, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. My husband, Cory, and I reside in western Colorado with our min-pin, Pinny, and my husband’s diabetic alert service dog, Lexi. Besides writing, my passions are teaching respect and anti-bullying, butterflies, talking with the youth about being strong and informed when it comes to sex as well as where self-esteem comes from, helping other writers learn the craft, Alzheimer’s awareness, and dogs–which I believe are the greatest. My guilty pleasure is the Hallmark channel, and I live for The Walking Dead. My favorite reality show is The Voice. And I love dessert. And donuts. With Bavarian cream filling and nuts sprinkled on top. Dark chocolate is pretty awesome too.

I previously owned and ran a large child care center where I was able to share my love for reading with all the children who attended. In addition, I did acquisitions and was an editor at Lakewater Press, as well as working part time as a copy editor for Kate Foster Professional Editing Services. I love to write–have to write–and enjoy telling stories for all ages. Not only do I write YA, but I dabble in screenplays, children’s books, and middle grade. I guess it’s the kid in me coming out to play.

My love for writing started in elementary school with the books that I was exposed to: The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Little Women, The Box Car Kids, and my favorite series, Little House on the Prairie. After reciting poems like Joyce Kilmer’s Trees, it wasn’t long before I was writing poetry, with that progressing into song lyrics, especially about cute boys, in middle school. English was my favorite subject, and I excelled in it–anything that offered the chance to write my words.


But it wasn’t until after my children grew up that I decided to start listening to the voices in my head and pen their stories. The first two were screenplays. The third my first novel, The Total Deconstruction of Chloe Wilson, a memoir about my journey through teen pregnancy that I self-published in 2012.

In between there have been many projects that are still in the works, from multiple children’s books, a third screenplay, and a middle grade novel about a girl and her grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease.

And now, I have three published books, Butterfly Bones, Butterfly Blood, and Butterfly Broken, young adult contemporary science fictions with a dark edge, have been published through Lakewater Press. If you haven’t met Bethany, the main character, Jeremiah, her best friend and love interest, and Zoey, the beautiful bully, it’s time you were introduced.eebb8-bb12bnew2bcover2b

If you’d like to ask me any questions about my books, writing, service dogs, butterflies, Alzheimer’s, self-esteem or teen sex, or any question about anything, please feel free to contact me here, or you can email me at:

2 thoughts on “Author Page for Rebecca Carpenter

  1. Loved reading Book 1 of Butterfly Bones (such an intriguing title). I look forward to lots more happy reading of your books. You are good. Love the biography too. Special. I feel a kinship in many things – love of words, dessert, English, grandkids, bullies and things school, dogs and nature. And I’ve always had a yen to write but never got going on it.

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