Rebecca Carpenter, Certified Copy Editor

Copy editing with a personal and professional touch at competitive prices.

I love helping other writers to learn the craft of writing and to create amazing stories that elevate readers to new levels. If interested in my services, email me for a quote. Please no erotica.

As a copy editor, I check the manuscript for grammar, punctuation, spelling, format, word repetition, unnecessary words, sentence structure, and stronger verbs, as well as fact-checking information in the manuscript for accuracy and alerting the writer to any plot holes, time-line issues, etc. In other words, my job is to help prepare the manuscript for publication.

First and foremost, my philosophy is to tread lightly, paying careful attention to voice while staying true to the writer’s story. I’m a stickler for detail and carefully examine every word, sentence, and paragraph, making sure each is vital to creating a tight story. I never tell a client they must change something but offer suggestions with examples and the reasons for the change.

I have a strong work ethic and will complete the project in a time-frame that is agreeable to both parties.

As a previous copy editor for Lakewater Press, Kate Foster Professional Editing Services, and as a freelance copy editor, I have edited over forty full manuscripts in various genres. I have been writing for over fifteen years, have self-published a YA memoir, and my award-winning YA sci-fi books, Butterfly Bones, Butterfly Blood, and Butterfly Broken, also known as The Metamorphosis Series, were published through Lakewater Press.

*Copy editing services include a thorough line edit with special attention paid to grammar, punctuation, spelling, format, word repetition, unnecessary words, over-writing, sentence structure, paragraph structure, show don’t tell, inconsistencies in the writing, stronger verb usage, sentence flow, and transitions, as well as fact-checking information in the manuscript for accuracy and also alerting the writer to any plot holes, time-line issues, etc. Rebecca uses the most current writing guidelines to partner with the client in preparing the manuscript for publication.

What other authors have said about my work…

Fiona Erksine
Author of The Chemical Detective
Represented by Juliet Mushens
Published with One World


Rebecca is fast and fabulous. She has a infectious sense of humour, and manages to deliver criticism with such warmth it feels like praise – you go away wanting to make the changes as if you thought of them yourself. She is also extremely encouraging. When you have taken a day to fix a paragraph, and the realisation dawns that you have to do the same tightening with the other 300 paragraphs it can all seem overwhelming. But Rebecca is there to cheer you on. I had a lot of fun working with Rebecca and my story has a better balance of emotion and conflict thanks to her wise guidance.”

S.C. Alban
Author of Playing Cupid


“I first approached Kate for the free 250-word live critique her blog offers. After getting some pretty amazing feedback, I knew that her service would be the one to whip my manuscript into shape. Both Kate and my editor, Rebecca, assigned to my manuscript were professional on every level. The report generated from the initial edit was detailed and helpful. It was delivered to me well within the expected timeline and clearly outlined areas of need in the manuscript with suggestions on how to fix the issues. Rebecca was easily accessible and responsive to my queries, and both she and Kate made themselves available both during and long after the job was complete. The final read through came with even more insight to tighten up my writing. I couldn’t be happier with the final product and direction of my manuscript. Thank you, Kate Foster Editing Services!”

R.S. Jonesee
Author of Halo and the Boomerang Effect

“My line edit on my middle grade fantasy, Halo and the Boomerang Effect, wasn’t the first time I used an editor.  But this edit was the first time of experiencing a caring, awesome editor like Rebecca Carpenter.
Since I wasn’t new to the editing process, I knew what to expect. But holy frosty flakes, I didn’t expect Rebecca’s fast turnaround or her personalized inline comments that made me laugh and cry while engaging my brain on how to make my story shine.
Rebecca’s compassion for others reflects in her editorial suggestions. She not only gives intuitive writing suggestions, she offers examples of ideas that fly through her head when she reads your words. Her insight never fails. Rebecca falls for your work and loves your characters as much as you do.
But don’t let this friendliness lull you—the potential new client—into thinking Rebecca will be easy on you. Oh no. Wherever and whenever you need some firm bucking up on voice, characterization, plotting, sentence restructuring, “showing not telling,” (gosh she’s good with this), she’ll drill you like a good story editor should—but with a smile and an atta girl.
Rebecca became my friend during my manuscript dissection. When I have another story to cut and dice, she’ll be the first editor I’ll send it to. If I liken her editorial process to baking a cake (I am a fiction writer, you know), Rebecca’s sound advice is the flour in the mix, her passion is the buttercream icing, and her love for helping a writer be the best they can be becomes the top sugared rose—you know, the one we all clamor for. 
Special thanks to Kate Foster. Without you, this Rebecca would never have met the other Rebecca. Congratulations on forming a strong company of professional editors. ”