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Bullying Stories

How often do we see bullying and aren’t sure what to do? It happens every day. We write it off as not our problem or not our business. Or maybe, like in the following example, the bullying takes care of itself–until the next time.



So what’s missing in this interaction? Respect. To gain respect, one must first give respect.  Bullies respect no one. That’s why they put down others–to make themselves feel better. The best teachers are those who see their students as equals–an equal opportunity for learning both ways–thus the teacher becomes the student and the student the teacher. It’s a beautiful exchange.

Respect. Give it. Get it.

Stop bullying. Start respecting.


Life experiences

Bullying Stories

School. A place where we send our children for an education. But are they receiving a “social” education beyond social studies? According to, most bullying takes place in school, on school grounds, and on the school bus. img_4779

Here’s one mom’s story of advice she gave to her daughter in regards to being bullied and how to deal with it.



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October is National Bullying Prevention Month

To bring awareness to the problem that is bullying, I have decided to post stories of bullying from anyone who’d like to share their experience, offer advice, or just join with us in an effort to end bullying.


As an early childhood educator, it comes down to one important word: RESPECT

This a lesson I teach to my 4 and 5 year olds–and if they can get it, anyone can.

(sung to “Respect” by Aretha Franklin)

R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T break it down what does it mean?

R is for Rainbow. We are all different, just like the colors of a rainbow. But when the colors combine, they create beauty, and even more colors.

E is for Empathy. I care about others’ feelings and how I make them feel. Is it hurtful or helpful?

S is for Sharing. If I have more than one, you can have one too.

P is for being Polite. Manners show respect.

E is for Everyone. We include everyone.

C is for Caring. Kindness begins with me.

T is for Talking. I can solve my problems by using my words.

Want bullying to stop? Then we must teach respect.

Fellow author, SM Rose, shares his #bullying story with us.


Thank you, SM. For some, the need to feel better about themselves drives them to bring others down. Sadly this doesn’t always end with the teen years.

Be strong. Be informed. Join the movement. Stop bullying.

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Introduction to The Caterpillar Girl

My name is Rebecca Carpenter. The fifth of nine children, I was born without any outward talents or inward self-esteem. Plain and quiet, I grew up believing that in order to be accepted, I needed boys to like me. And the only way to do that was to change my personality into a loud, flirtatious, fake.
But it wasn’t just the boys that I flirted with–fate was tempted until my actions caught up to me. Pregnant at the age of fifteen, my youth shattered into tiny pieces, never again to return.
My teen pregnancy became my wake up call. Like a jigsaw puzzle, I began the arduous task of constructing a new me. The process of figuring out who I was and where self-esteem really comes from became my new focus. And just like a caterpillar, I experienced my own metamorphosis. My plain outer shell transformed into a unique array of color, design, shape, and size.
But the greatest change occured on the inside. I realized that self-esteem originated from within me, not without. I learned to like myself, develop my hidden talents, and eventually even love myself. I don’t look in the mirror and see the most beautiful woman in the world, nor am I in love with myself. But I can view my reflection and be content with what I see and who I am.

I am a Caterpillar Girl.dreamstime_s_24918723.jpg