Life experiences

Labor Pains

Twenty-five years ago to date, I awoke at two in the morning to a strange tightening of my stomach.
I rolled onto my side and fell back asleep. An hour later, that strange tightening awoke me again, only that time the pressure was definitely more intense. I was in labor!
Being a mere sixteen years old, I had never been so scared in my life. I spent the next three hours tossing and turning as my contractions got closer together and stronger in intensity. By six in the morning I thought I was dying.
I alerted my mom and sister of my labor. They frantically ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. Eventually we loaded into my sister’s minivan and headed for the hospital.
After an excruciating eighteen hours of labor, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. I named her Lauren Paige.
Some people think I gave up a lot to raise her as a teen mom…maybe I did. But she was worth it. The knowledge and love that I gained from her far outweighed what I missed. So I didn’t attend my senior prom…big deal.
Happy birthday beautiful daughter! I wouldn’t change being your mother for the world.