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I Am a Writer

I’ve always been a writer. But it’s only been of recent that I decided to share my talent and become a serious writer. Since then, I have written three screenplays, several picture books, a young adult science fiction novel, and a memoir about my teen pregnancy.
From the time I learned to structure a proper sentence, my stories, poems, and song lyrics have erupted onto paper. Writing provided an escape into a fantasy world–a world where other people accepted me and I wasn’t just a nobody from Fruita, Colorado. Most of my early writing involved crushes, as I can’t remember a time when boys weren’t my main focus. Now, writing still provides an escape, but I’m no longer trying to create some alternate universe where I am popular. Rather, writing is my sanctuary, my release, my calming mechanism.

I write because stories pulse through my veins, pooling into my head until I find an outlet.
I write because I do believe the pen is more powerful than the sword.
I write because I feel compelled to write.

While my first two screenplays received Honorable Mention in the 2012 Colorado Film Contest, I am as of yet unpublished. But that does not diminish my title as a writer.

I look forward to the journey and hope any who want to follow will enjoy the ride.

My first poem – written in the third grade. Won a contest where I earned a spot in a poetry class.

Love is as beautiful as can be.
Love is just a mystery.
Love is all that you can find.
Love is everything all combined.

My favorite poem. Short and perfect.

The only thing between us is time…
Let’s make time stand still.image

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