Dear Rejection

Dear Rejection,                                      I seem to be hearing from you a lot lately. Your mocking laughter says, “You’re not good enough.”             “Give up!” “You’re no writer.” And while your tone is laced with failure, I’ve found that you bolster my resolve to become a better writer. As I dig deep and question whether or not I’m good enough and if I really want to be a writer, the same answer pops up; “Hell, yes!” So gather your ammunition and pull out the big guns. But understand that no matter how many times you knock me down, I will get back up. I may not defeat you today, and maybe not even tomorrow, but eventually I will conquer. Each rejection letter makes me even more determined to become a published author. Within the dark abyss of despair burns the refiner’s fire—purifying me—strengthening me—sculpting me into a great writer. The process is my own revision, and I’m really close to the final draft. So bring it on Rejection! I AM A WRITER, and I will write you out of my life.  Sincerely, Rebecca Carpenter rejected

One thought on “Dear Rejection

  1. Save those rejection cards and letters! They’re a testimony to the fact that you are a real writer. Your perseverance and dedication to the craft are paving the road to your success!

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