First Love

First love. Just the mention of it makes me smile. I can still remember the butterflies in my stomach, sweaty palms, and racing heartbeat as I locked eyes with the boy who I was sure was “the one.”


He wasn’t.

But no one could have convinced me otherwise. I was going to marry this boy, have his children, and we were going to live happily ever after.

I mean, I wrote my name with his last name, practicing my cursive in all different styles until choosing the perfect one.


I wrote love poems. Lots of them. This boy consumed my thoughts and my journal space.

But that wasn’t all. My hormones raged, and I adopted stalking tendencies; where was he and what was he doing at all times? And all this proved it. We were meant to be together.

Oh my blooming bloomers. I was so naïve back then.

But for some, it happens just like that: Eyes lock, heart twitters, perspiration flows, and Wham-O! The couple is together for the rest of their lives. And to them I say, “Viva Love!”

But like me, most of us will fight our way through many suitors before finding the one we can’t live without.


For the main character of Butterfly Bones, fifteen-year-old Bethany Keatley, her first love is Jeremiah Wright. With his blue-grey eyes, curly brown hair, and muscular figure, he’s on every girl’s radar at Springs High. But Jeremiah is the star quarterback. And football is his one true love. Why give up a lifetime of dreams for one night of fun?

With her sassy personality and inner beauty, Bethany wins Jeremiah’s heart, and he finally declares his love. But she can’t reciprocate. Not when she’s about to face metamorphosis with no idea as to whether she’ll make it out alive or not. She has to betray her heart and do everything she can to get rid of Jeremiah. And the act is like performing open-heart surgery on herself—without anesthesia.


First loves aren’t always a crush. Sometimes they’re for keeps.

Butterfly Bones is available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.



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