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Child Abuse

When I think of April, happy children engaged in Easter egg hunts surfaces. But some children won’t get to enjoy Easter this year. Why? Some will be lying in the hospital recovering from their injuries. Those are the lucky ones. Others will be laid to rest, in small coffins, never to enjoy another Easter. Sobers the mood, doesn’t it? So why this depressing post? April is child Abuse Prevention Month.

“The results in poor choices in a boyfriend or spouse often lead to physical abuse and even death of a child.

The odds of abuse are a staggering 33 times higher if a child’s mother has a live-in boyfriend. The child’s risk of abuse is 6 times higher from a step-father. But the gravest risk for children comes from their mother’s poor choice in a partner. Boyfriends are more likely to be the perpetrators in child abuse deaths. Unrealistic expectation of the child are typically the reason for abuse. These include minor infractions such as: the baby wouldn’t stop crying; the child wet the bed; and misbehavior. In other words, normal child behavior.

The safest environment for a child to live in is one where the biological parents are married and stay married.  That isn’t my opinion, it’s a fact. Living together doesn’t change the risks. Of course not all children of teen mothers will be abused or killed, but the risk factors are dangerously high.”

Let’s keep children out of the equation! Be strong. Be informed.  Read The Total Deconstruction of Chloe WilsonThe_Total_Deconstruc_Cover_for_Kindle                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


One thought on “Child Abuse

  1. Thank you very much for posting this article. I am currently and forever will be separated from my child’s dad because of his abusive behavior. On the night of my birthday this year, i caught him cheating…talking back to his ex…and instead of talking back to me, he choked me and when i ran to get the phone and computer, he threw the computer at the wall and it almost hit our 6 month daughter. I write more about it on my blog about being a survivor of domestic violence. I just wanted for both me and my daughter to be safe. Have a blessed day! Check out my blog sometime. 🙂

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