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If you are looking for The Total Deconstruction of Chloe Wilson, the referral to this blog in the Daily Sentinel as a place to buy the book was incorrect.  Please go to Amazon.com and type in The Total Deconstruction of Chloe Wilson, and the book will pull up. Or, for quicker access, click the link on the bottom of my book. It is available in paperback and for Kindle download. Be Strong. Be Educated. Be Heard.

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Child Abuse

When I think of April, happy children engaged in Easter egg hunts surfaces. But some children won’t get to enjoy Easter this year. Why? Some will be lying in the hospital recovering from their injuries. Those are the lucky ones. Others will be laid to rest, in small coffins, never to enjoy another Easter. Sobers the mood, doesn’t it? So why this depressing post? April is child Abuse Prevention Month.

“The results in poor choices in a boyfriend or spouse often lead to physical abuse and even death of a child.

The odds of abuse are a staggering 33 times higher if a child’s mother has a live-in boyfriend. The child’s risk of abuse is 6 times higher from a step-father. But the gravest risk for children comes from their mother’s poor choice in a partner. Boyfriends are more likely to be the perpetrators in child abuse deaths. Unrealistic expectation of the child are typically the reason for abuse. These include minor infractions such as: the baby wouldn’t stop crying; the child wet the bed; and misbehavior. In other words, normal child behavior.

The safest environment for a child to live in is one where the biological parents are married and stay married.  That isn’t my opinion, it’s a fact. Living together doesn’t change the risks. Of course not all children of teen mothers will be abused or killed, but the risk factors are dangerously high.”

Let’s keep children out of the equation! Be strong. Be informed.  Read The Total Deconstruction of Chloe WilsonThe_Total_Deconstruc_Cover_for_Kindle

http://www.cdc.gov                                                                                                                                    http://www.hhs.gov                                                                                                         http://www.childdeathreview.org


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The Deconstruction of Chloe Wilson Begins


“Reality smacked me in the face. It dawned on me that all my choices, my sick need for attention and to be liked by boys, the lies, and trying to be someone I wasn’t, had all been slowly and painstakingly crafting me, molding me into an entirely new person—and the amazing thing was, I was the master artist (or con-artist)— the creator of that new me.

The end result was an even more insecure, fake girl, with no self-esteem and very few friends. Looking in the mirror, I realized the girl who stared back was someone I didn’t recognize. I had completely and utterly lost my identity. The worst part of all—I had supervised my own deconstruction.”


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I Am A Published Author!

After six months of starting the self publishing process, I pushed the button to accept my cover and manuscript for publication.The_Total_Deconstruc_Cover_for_Kindle
The Total Deconstruction of Chloe Wilson is a straight-forward memoir about my teen pregnancy. The book is a great resource for teen girls, counselors, and parents of teen girls. I wrote this book to help teenage girls who suffer with low self-esteem to choose their youth  and learn to be happy with who they are. I needed a boyfriend to feel good about myself. That mindset led to my eventual deconstruction and teen pregnancy. Topics addressed in the book include self-esteem, date rape, suicide, and teen pregnancy.  Statistics and consequences of teen pregnancy are provided with a clear view of the risks involved for the mother and child.

I would encourage all teen girls, especially those at-risk, to read this book.

“My legs traded off, jiggling to my high level of anxiety.

I shifted in my chair–comfort eluded me.

On one side, the school nurse.

on the other sat Sarah. She looked eerily calm.

The attending nurse walked into the waiting room with the results tucked in her hand. I jumped  out of my seat. Only a few feet away stood this woman in a smiley-face smock and she was holding my future…

‘I have good news,’ she said, ‘and bad news.’ She looked at my friend. ‘Sarah, you are not pregnant.’ Then, turning to me, she delivered the verdict without leniency.

‘Chloe, you definitely are.'” Excerpt from The Total Deconstruction of Chloe Wilson

“2000 teen girls in the US get pregnant every day.” stayteen.org

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Patience is…

Growing up in a large, religious family, patience was a common topic.  Born the fifth of nine children, I learned to wait my turn to use the telephone, shower, and go to the bathroom. My parents taught that patience truly was a virtue, and good things come to those who wait. They also used the word endure a lot.

While my personality was quiet and I seemed like the obedient type, I hated both those words.  Patience equaled going without, endure meant to suffer. I didn’t plan on doing either one. Instant gratification on the road of least resistance lured me into a world of lying and deceit. And without a second thought I ran over anyone who got in my way. Friends who didn’t propel me into my idea of popularity were trampled under. My values, beliefs, morals…they only dragged me down and kept me from having fun, so I cut them loose too.

And that’s how I came to be a scared fifteen-year-old girl, standing in front of my mother with head lowered–my shame so heavy I couldn’t bear to look her in the eyes.

“Mom, I’m pregnant.”

I was in such a hurry to grow up that I got exactly what I wanted. So what did I learn about patience? I’ll agree that it is a virtue, but I like another definition better. In the words of a wise 92-year-old woman,

“Patience is…a virgin!”